Terms of Use



Prevents wrinkles, smoothes lines, improves scars, sunspots, and blemishes


100% high quality medical grade silicone, Pure lavender essential oil


For best results, wear your pad consecutively each night and replace weekly

Legal Disclaimer

We highly encourage you to wear your Kami Pad every day or night and replace weekly (approx 7 uses, varies per person) for best results. Many people ask "how long does it take?" You will start to see results as quickly as one night, however it is designed to be a long-term maintenance type of product. You will love the baby smooth feel of your skin! Important directions to ensure success: please read the back of the box and inside tips for best results. Wash and fully dry your chest before applying the pad each night, ensuring no other factors such as lotions, dirt, or oils from the day interfere with the adhesion. The proper placement is to have the top edge of the pad touch the collarbone and press firmly onto the chest on every side with shoulders back. Keep the backing for reuse. For side sleepers, it is critical to keep your chest more open by hugging a pillow at the chest or placing a pillow behind your back to lean on, Do not use if you have a reaction to silicone gel or pure lavender essential oil. This product is not a wrinkle, blemish, sun damage, or scar remover but works to minimize these conditions as well as prevent wrinkles. Results will vary and everyone's skin is different. A temporary imprint or pink skin can appear when removing the pad, it is normal from the adhesion and better than wrinkles! Slow peel off is best. Keep out of reach of children and pets.