Meet Kami

Kamryn Gerrior

Hi, I’m Kamryn Gerrior, CEO and inventor of The Kami Pad!

The most important thing in my life is my family, my handsome husband (my college sweetheart) and my three beautiful kids! We live in sunny California and love to go on family trips together. My family is my rock and they inspire me everyday.

My career started in Business when I worked as a top-level sales and marketing manager.

I left the corporate world to run my own business in the eyelash, skincare and anti-aging industry. This is where I found my true calling to help other women look and feel their best. I’ve always taken diligent care of my own skin through the products I’ve developed and love nothing more than sharing these products with other women.

In all the time I’ve spent in the world of anti-aging products, the most amazing thing I have discovered is the healing power of silicone gel. I’ve witnessed over and over again the astonishing transformation of my client’s skin after applying silicone gel treatments to their eyes and chest areas.

That’s when I started exhaustively researching and testing out all the silicone pads available. Each pad I tried fell short of my expectations. They were either too small, too thin, not sticky enough, irritating or uncomfortable. So I decided to set-out to formulate the highest quality pad on the market today with the help of a hand-selected team of researchers, scientists, suppliers and lawyers to guarantee my products would outshine all the other pads. I wanted to create a pad that would feel good, look good, and provide the best possible results.

And so The Kami Pad was born.

The Kami Pads are the largest pads available, covering more area than any other pad for forehead, neck and chest. We also have the thickest pads. The average thickness of the other pads is 3mm, while all our pads are 4mm thick. We use the strongest adhesive on the market, without being sticky or irritating, so you’ll get the most use out of each pad. With proper care, each pad will last for at least 20 uses. The medical-grade silicone we use is soft and plush with a luxe touch and a relaxing lavender hue. We are the only silicone pad company to incorporate color, so you’ll feel fun and pretty wearing a Kami Pad instead of like you’re wearing a bandage. Not only are our pads bigger, thicker and softer, but they also provide undeniable results. While individual results may vary, most customers notice improvement after just one use (3-12 hours of wear)!

I can’t wait for you to try The Kami Pad for yourself! I’m sure you will fall in love with them!

Kami also donates pad proceeds to a number of non-profit organizations for great causes and has a big heart for those in need.