Kamryn -  Founder, CEO

Kamryn Gerrior is the inventor of The Kami Pad, LLC. She is a Mom of 3 & married to her college sweetheart, residing in Danville, CA. Her background is Business and she has led a career deeply rooted in top level sales management and marketing, which led her in recent years to become a successful business owner in the Eyelash and Skincare Anti-Aging industry. It has been a calling of Kami’s to help women feel & look their best. She takes great care of her own skin and looks years younger due to the healing properties of her products.

Kami also donates pad proceeds to a number of non-profit organizations for great causes and has a big heart for those in need.


"Receiving protection & healing as you rest." ~ Kami


The Kami Pad Story

Kami has been completely amazed by the benefits of silicone gel and has witnessed first-hand the astonishing transformation that occurs from applying eye & chest silicone gel treatments on her clientele. This was the main source of Kami's motivation to formulate the highest quality pad on the market today and provide women with the opportunity to achieve the best possible results. She began researching and testing the silicone based chest products on the market, however she was not satisfied with the shape, strength, coverage, comfort, packaging, and overall functionality of what existed. Kami researched tirelessly over the past year & worked with a hand-selected research team, top level scientists, suppliers & legal team to guarantee my products would outshine anything else on the market. She has a strong personal attention to art and detail, and her high quality standards are displayed in all of the unique products she is creating.